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The Opening of Gillis Insurance Agency

Additional Information

Executive Profile - As a second generation in providing insurance, including 5 years of Life Insurance experience and 2 1/2 years in Property and Casualty, I have finally decided to cut out on my own.  Gillis Insurance Agency has officially launched and is licensed with the state of KY as of 5/20/2019. 

 We understand that there are a lot of people that depend on you so we ensure standards of coverage for each of our clients.  Gillis Insurance offer free home, auto, and business insurance quotes and can assist with your health insurance needs in this ever-changing market.   Many times clients are looking to save money and others want the best coverage and best advice for the best price.  I will take the time to match your objectives.

Join the family here at Gillis Insurance and rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered. 

-Nick Gillis

Mission statements – More to come.  

Company policies – Gillis Insurance represents over a dozen carriers and I will strive to find the perfect fit for your needs and wants.  I want you to know that the solutions and advice offered to clients are the same as those we'd share with Family and their businesses.

Man signing new Insurance Policies that saved him a lot of money.