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Driver Safety and Driving Habits monitored.

Fleet Safety 360 Telematics. Free Insurance Quotes.

 Wouldn't it be great to be able to better protect your people and vehicles – and at the same time earn discounts on your insurance premium? Now you can with State Auto Fleet Safety 360. 

Fleet Data and Statistics Management

Telematics-Based Insurance for Commercial Fleets

 Mobile workforces are a big investment for every business owner; whether you’ve got one vehicle or a fleet of 50. Wouldn’t it be great if you could place a fleet safety manager in each of your business autos or trucks? With State Auto’s Fleet Safety 360®, you can do just that. 

What's telematics?

 Telematics is the gathering of information and data via communication devices, such as satellites and wireless technologies. The types of data collected might include driving speed, hard acceleration or braking, miles traveled and when you drive. 

Virtual Fleet Manager In Every Vehicle


The fleet telematics program includes a Fleet Management Portal to help your business improve operational efficiency and encourage and reward safe driving behavior.

Fleet managers can see driver routes, vehicle use, driving behavior and more.  Free insurance quotes.

Site maps available.  Get to where you need to be quicker and safer.

Site maps available.  Get to where you need to be quicker and safer.

Savings with Insurance Discounts and No Additional Fees

Free Insurance Quotes.  Save more money on running your business.


You could receive up to a 10 percent* participation discount once enrolled in Fleet Safety 360. And, you can earn up to 25 percent* premium discount at renewal if your fleet score reflects safer driving habits (your fleet score is based on all your vehicles).

No additional fees!

  Our program also includes the telematics devices and fleet management portal that you might pay for elsewhere. No activation fee, no monthly fee and no charge for the devices beyond your insurance premium - and with potential discounts, it’s kind of like you get paid to participate. 

Choose the Right Telematics Device for Your Fleet

 Fleet Safety 360 offers two telematics device options: a smart tag placed on the vehicle’s windshield pairs with a smartphone app, or a dongle that is installed in the vehicle. 

Not sure which one to choose?