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Get a Free Quote to Give a Free Meal

Get a FREE no-obligation quote for Home or Renter's Insurance and the KY based Gillis Insurance Agency will donate one meal to help feed the hungry - keeping it local!  Offer good through December 2020.  Donations are made to Lighthouse Ministries to help feed the folks that really need it. 

Yeah! It's that simple.  

Lighthouse Ministries Mission


    Feeding the hungry, helping the hurting and directing the lost. 

 "I'm setting out to find other like-minded businesses and individuals that want to give back and create awesome networking opportunities, simultaneously."

Ways You Can Participate



Become a Referral Partner

Become a Referral Partner

As an individual, business owner, realtor, or mortgage lender you can send quote referrals and I'll donate the meal in your name for FREE.

The more referrals you send the more meals I'll donate.


Become a Referral Partner

Become a Referral Partner

Become a Referral Partner

Give people one more reason to do business and network with you.   There are no fees to sign up.  There are some guidelines to go over so email me at to get set up with a referral link that way we can track your progress. Or click join now and I'll fill you in shortly.


Be a Meal Matcher

Become a Referral Partner

Be a Meal Matcher

I will be asking my clients if they would like to donate 1 meal or more from insurance refunds or savings.  You would be in line to match that meal. When this happens we count it as 3 meals donated. Deadline for refunds processed is Nov 19th 2020.  Please email me for complete details.  Limits can be set, first come first serve. 

Who is this guy?


My Name is Nick

I am the owner of Gillis Insurance Agency and the guy behind the Quote to Meals 2020 campaign.  I have one daughter of my own but I'm raising three! :O.  I live in Lexington and just opened up a new insurance agency in Georgetown.  My wife and I have a personal connection to the folks over at Lighthouse Ministries and the older girls have been asking if they can do something to get involved, like helping to prepare meals for the shelter's guests.  We think the kiddos asking how they can help is incredible and inspiring!

It seems like we get so busy in our day-to-day lives as adults that we don't have time to do these things.  When the truth is that we don't make the time for them.  Out-of-sight out-of-mind I guess.


We are getting the girls involved and so the little one's got me thinking...  I might be able to help a different way and in the course of my normal business pursuits.  My job is to meet people and build relationships (aside from insure their homes, cars and businesses).  I meet lenders, homeowners and business owners all the time and these folks already have a roof over their head and a warm meal at night.  Just maybe they feel the same way about being too busy.  So, I'm setting out to find other like-minded businesses and individuals that want to give back and create awesome networking opportunities, simultaneously.   I truly believe that this is a way to pull together many other businesses and individuals and tie them to a common goal and to do something good. Something we can be proud of outside of our personal accomplishments. Won't you join me? 

Our daily tasks could really transform how we do business and how we help those in need.  This is a new concept for me so I'd love to get your input.  Maybe this year it's just me, but next year...

On  a side note: since my daughter and I are learning some sign language (like 3 moves lol) , guess which one this!? :)

Donation Guidelines and Requirements


Qualified Referrals

 Qualified leads will be a FREE completed homeowner’s or renter’s insurance quote.  Applicants must be or plan to be a Lexington or Georgetown Kentucky resident and have prior insurance or be a first time home buyer.  Not a qualified quote? Check out Meal-Matching.

Meal Matching

Although auto insurance quotes do not qualify there are many cases in which the savings or refund generated by switching policies are big enough to donate many meals. I'll be asking if you'd like to donate at least 1 or more each costing $5 and must be paid directly to the non-profit. A mealmatcher will donate 2 meals for your one if there are any available.  So 3 for every 1 you pledge from your savings. 

One Time

We do not allow duplicate submissions even if they come from a different referral partners but you can refer a friend.  To refer a friends you must be an existing client or have submitted a home or renter's quote prior. Please contact us for a referral link if you think you'd be interested in helping out.

You must be 18 years of age or older

You must be 18 to sign a contract so we would not be able to run quotes until that time. 

Preventing Abuse of the System

Gillis Insurance Agency reserves the right to refuse a quote or to withdraw a referral link for any reason and at any time. This is not a desirable outcome but we wouldn't want one bad apple... you know what I mean.  The goal here is to help out in the community and to do again next year. 

First Year and a Final Note

This is the first year of the Quote to Meals Program and we look forward to a successful venture.  However, the rules may need to be adjusted for next year and there could be unforeseen outcomes that may halt the ability to continue the program although we do not anticipate any.  My goal would be for a dozen or more business next year to participate on a level much bigger than me.


NOTE:  Participation is not an endorsement of any services rendered by partners.  Although, we are professionals and we hope that you get to know Gillis Insurance and the other participants.  We also understand we have to earn our endorsements every single day by providing great service and proving that we are good at what we do.